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Our Services

The approach we take is rehabilitative with the focus on integrating persons with effects of injuries and assisting with adjustment and reintegration into their previous lifestyle

Case Management

How we deliver our service

We specialise in dealing with catastrophic injuries involving the brain, spinal cord and severe orthopaedic injuries. This includes children who sustain brain injuries either during the birth process or through other traumatic events and adults who sustain traumatic brain injuries due to road accidents or work accidents.

We act as a catalyst for educating and supporting all those involved with the person with a catastrophic injury and have the expertise to assess an injured person’s physical psychological social and vocational need.  

We provide a co-ordinated approach to our Case Management service, focusing on face-to face work with the injured person, their treatment providers and their employers and educational providers. This provides the best possible service and and accurate evaluation of the injured person’s progress and future needs and is delivered outside of the litigation process (Code of Best Practice).

The Case Management process will generally start with a face- to-face meeting, which usually takes place within the clients own home, involving and not excluding key family members. This will serve to assess the injured persons current physical and functional status, including treatment programs already in place, as well as identifying their psychosocial and environmental needs.

A comprehensive Immediate Needs Assessment will be provided to all parties detailing the clients current needs, outlining short, medium and long term goal plans, and recommending appropriate interventions and services, including estimated costs and timescales, to facilitate the rehabilitation process.

Recommendations made are appropriate timely and reasonable and we are able to organise prompt and responsive services and provide practical and empathetically based solutions. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients’ needs  and providing regular progress and update reports Case Management is ongoing pre and post settlement.